The Golinks app is a brand new social platform to play Weiqi, it is also a personal record of a Weiqi player personal career. You can use it to read the latest Weiqi news every day, watch live broadcasts of all sorts of tournaments, and obtain the latest game results. At the same time, you can manage your own game record library, as well as share and interact with other players. You can also create your own competitions and organize them yourself. Of course, all the most important features are also present, such as correspondence games! In correspondence games, players can match opponents that are close to their own dan, free from time constraints, and analyse each move to the fullest to produce their best level! Players can also communicate with opponents through comments, add other players as friends, and grow their network.

There is also a website of the same name, to provide an even better reading experience.



About Golinks beans:
Golinks offers you a variety of interesting and fun features. If you see the above “Golinks beans” logo displayed next to a feature, it means that using this function requires spending some of your beans, the virtual currency associated with this application.
You can use beans to play shape search, AI challenge, Golinks bean arena, life and death problem and AlphaGo guess. You can also use beans to obtain advice and score estimates in games and live broadcasts (with some limits).

This is only an introduction to some of Golinks’ features. To discover all the other features, you need to download the app and experience them by yourself, more features will be developed in the future as well. We hope that in the future Golinks will become every Weiqi aficionado’s best partner in the course of their Weiqi journey!